Réflexion | “Things happen for a reason”

Lent period without going to church is very hard, moreover when living few steps from the church. My younger son and I are in Ireland since 2007.
Far away from my country, my family and my friends for so long, I find consolation and peace going to daily mass. I am very much involved in the church and I am now Minister of the Eucharist and of Word.

Now because of Covid-19, the churches also are closed. Of course, even it is not the same, we are thankful to Social Media for the daily live Mass celebration online from every part of the world. For myself, I follow Pope Francis daily.

It is a Blessing, to be able to increase our Faith and stay in communication with God. It helps also to calmly focus on the meaning of the Holy week.
It is a test from above and during those sad moments, we find ourselves meditating and reflecting on our lives and of the things that we have missed, that have brought us happiness once; and be thankful to be alive and healthy.

We ask God to make our hearts gentle, to listen to our prayers and to guide us to count our Blessings instead of our miseries. We are fortunate enough to be able to stay connected to our family and know that they are safe. We pray for those who are sick, alone and separated from their loved ones; not because they are far away for the same reasons as us but because they are in confinement. It is very hard to accept but we believe in God and we trust Him. Things happen for a reason. We are more focus on helping our neighbours, those who are feeling depressed and in sharing.  

For our part, my son and I are working from home remotely. I get the opportunity to keep up to date with the news and respect the advice to keep us safe. Look like the world has stopped for a while and allow people to meditate on the Holy week. Do we need Corona virus to gather the whole wide World together in the blink of an eye?
The activities have stopped, less noises, less pollution, no news about wars, crimes or accidents. People seek for strength and comfort from each other.

I believe that we should ask ourselves about and meditate on our true values.

Anne Valaydon, Wilton Cork, Ireland

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